Kanto Lampo Waterfall or Kanto Lampo Warung as the Indonesians call it, is a beautiful, easy reachable, not extremely touristic waterfall close to Ubud. The distance is about 30 minutes by car or scooter. It is a unique waterfall if you compare it with other waterfall because of its accessibility and it’s layout. The best views to this waterfall is out of the water, don’t be scared go in the water it’s not deep! For an adult water reaches till the waist / hips.

As the waterfall is close to Ubud it is good to combine it with other attractions in Ubud area like: Teganugan waterfall, Tegallang rice terrace or monkey forrest or a combination of these…..

We had a driver for the day who took us to some waterfalls and to monkey forrest. The driver we hired was very thoughtful and easy going. The driver works at Bali best day tours. Google him or find his facebook page.

This mini bus is fit for a group max 16 peoples without luggage. Need more info of hire car and Bali tour? Chat me on this number: +6281337065235.

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We did not have this mini van, the driver arrived in an airconditioned SUV. The car was very comfortable. I recommend this driver / tour guide. He gives good advices where to go and what to do as well.


After parking the car / scooter you need to buy a ticket. The entrance fee to this waterfall is IDR 10,000 per person (about EUR 0,60). After paying for the tickets there are stairs that go downwards towards the waterfall. The walk is easy and only about 5 minutes. Watch out: the last part becomes a bit slippery because of the water. At the bottom of the stairs, near the waterfall there is a place where you can leave your belongings, it’s dry! It’s not a secured place, but everyone left their belongings there and it was safe the day we were there. If I’m not mistaken there are also some lockers near the entrance so if you want to store your wallet rent a locker.

Kanto Lampo Waterfall itself

The water falls on black rocks. It looks like seats. Because the rocks are large and wide the water spreads and falls to another “seat” and there it spreads again, this is the unique thing of this waterfall. People are sitting on the “seats” or standing under the waterfall for pictures. Advice: come early so it’s quiet. We arrived at 10.30 AM and it became already a bit busy. To sit on the “seats” people queued up. I did not want to do this, so decided to go into the water, make some pictures of the waterfall and stand under the water at a quiet spot.

Climbing towards a “seat”

The best view to this waterfall is from the water. As said the water is not deep, so it’s very safe to stand in the water. The only thing is that the water is of course full with smaller rocks, so be careful where you walk. Recommendation is to wear shoes, I did not, the smaller rocks are not painful.

The waterfall is not the most famous or most well-known waterfall but worth the visit. The waterfall is very Instagrammable. According to our driver this waterfall becomes more popular lately.

A more quiet place is the left side if you enter the water. Here the water flows and nature is leading. Not a lot of tourists are going here, but it’s a great place to warm up after be cooled down from the water of the waterfall.

Leaving the waterfall

Again be careful as the first part going up is slippery. Wet feet, splashes from the waterfall makes it a wet place full of algae, not dirty, but just slippery.

The stairs is decorated with statues like everywhere in Bali, for tourists this is beautiful and picturesque.

Take swimwear with you, go into the water and enjoy this beautiful waterfall.