Cooking (Recipes)

Side dish

Licorice sauce

Licorice is a typical Dutch sweet. Licorice is made from liquorice. There are various liquorice flavors such as sweet liquorice, salt liquorice and bay leaf liquorice. This liquorice sauce goes very well with duck breast fillet and Beef Wellington. Ingredients…

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Recipes Fish, Sous-vide

Salmon sous-vide

Preparing salmon ‘sous vide’ is a godsend. We like it when the salmon is still slightly glassy on the inside, well done, but just close to the edge. This often does not work when salmon is fried in the pan….

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Recipes Meat

Wiener schnitzel

When we are in Austria or Germany I have to eat a Wiener Schnitzel at least once. Both Austria and Germany are known for their large veal schnitzels. Wiener schnitzel is flattened veal in a bread crust. The bread crust…

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Recipes Fish

Turbot with olives

Turbot is a pricey fish, but very tasty. Turbot is often confused with brill. Now and then it is nice to unpack at home, take a delicious piece of turbot. Ingredients (4 persons) 4 turbot fillets, skin removed 2 anchovies…

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