Cooking (Recipes)

Recipes Vegetarian, Side dish

Tomato chutney

This dish is versatile and can be served with both meat and a vegan meal. We eat this chutney with a T-bone steak, spicy steak or another piece of meat, but if we eat vegetarian it also comes on…

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Recipes Dessert

Crème Brûlée

Crème brûlée literally means roasted cream. It is a classic dessert that has its origins in French or Spanish cuisine. The dish consists of cream, eggs and sugar. The first good crème brûlée we ate was at Flo in Eindhoven….

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Recipes Meat

Spicy steak (sous vide)

This dish can be prepared sous vide or “normal” in the pan. The steak is quite seasoned because of the spices used. It is not as spicy as the name suggests, but the spices provide a delicious bite. Of course,…

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Recipes Appetizers

Bapao with Rendang

Bapao is a steamed bun filled with meat or chicken. A homemade bapao is very tasty. The bapao can be frozen to keep. When the bapao needs to be frozen, it is best to pack the bapao individually; a sandwich…

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