From Kempinski hotel Berchtesgaden it is about a 15-minute drive to Lake Königssee. We’ve been to Königssee before, so we decided to take the Jennerbahn uphill.


The Jennerbahn runs in 2 stages from the valley to the end station. You can remain seated at the middle station. The top station is located at 1,800 meters. From the Kipfel (1,874 meters) there is a view to the Königssee. We did not walk here because it is very busy on the Kipfel. Keep in mind that the Königssee is a very popular tourist attraction. The parking lot is often overcrowded.

Cees with Tobias

There is a restaurant and a souvenir shop at the mountain station. We’re going to do the downhill part, we’re here for the walk after all.

We followed Mitterkaserweg to the middle station. This is a 3.5 kilometer route and takes about 1.5 hours. We walked it in 1 hour. Keep in mind that the road goes down very steeply, put on good shoes, we have seen more people slip.

View from Jenneralm
View from Jenner in Berchtesgaden

After the first steep descent there is a take-off point for paragliders. We didn’t go paragilding here. We have already done this once in Kitzbühel. A spectacular jump is made from the take-off point. Little room to run so straight up into the air.

Paragliding at Jenner

As written, put on good mountaineering shoes and take if necessary Nordic walking sticks as it can be very steep. This in combination with gravel means that walking on sneakers involves slipping.

There are plenty of beautiful views along the way.

At the middle station we had a drink and then took the path further down. This last part is a walk that partly goes through the woods. Again, it is sometimes very steep. The walk is partly along a fast-flowing stream, which means that it can also be a bit wet now and then.

Stream at Jenner
Nature in Berchtesgaden

At the bottom you arrive in the village. Another 20 minute walk to the car park.

A beautiful trip. For the sporty walkers, the tour can also be walked in reverse. A good condition is then absolutely a must, especially because the path rises enormously.

Thomas and Tobias
Thomas with Tobias
After swimming