In St. One of the most beautiful hotels in Kempinski is located in St. Moritz Bad, namely the Grand Hotel des Bains.

Grand des Bains

The hotel was built in 1864. The original building became famous for its mineral spring. The spa still uses the source. The property has a rich history. Inside it is very tastefully decorated.

The route to the hotel is very beautiful. The Julier Pass goes from Chur. First a huge climb and once at altitude the lakes in and around Sankt Moritz become visible. visible. The hotel stands at the entrance of the village and is officially located in Sankt Moritz Bad. St. Moritz is located 1,856 meters above sea level. Sankt Moritz is also known as Top of the World.

The building is white and has blue shutters, in the evening the building is illuminated. Different colors every night. We were lucky that rainbow colors are shown, which I personally think is very good.


We hand over the car and the great fun begins. The check in is very efficient. We saw a familiar face from hotel Das Tirol.

Our room is a Deluxe Jr. Suite with balcony.

Entrance of Kempinski Grand hotel des Bains

Suite (#401)

Living room Grand des Bains with dog rug

The suite is spacious. There is a living room with adjoining toilet and a bedroom with walk-in closet, bathroom and separate toilet. The living room has a sofa with 2 chairs. We were given a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and some snacks as a welcome gift.

Champagne and bites

The room is classically furnished. The interior has the same look as when we were there 15 years ago, although it is not dated or worn.

Room / suite

The bedroom is furnished like any hotel room. A comfortable bed (slightly on the short side, we are both 1.92 meter and our feet were outside), a desk, chairs and a TV. What I love is the very large walk-in closet. All our clothes can be easily laid out and hung here.

Bedroom Grand des Bains
Bathroom Grand des Bains

From the bedroom and living room there are views of the sun terrace, the front garden and the mountains of Sankt Moritz. It is lovely to sit on the balcony in the morning sun with a cup of coffee.

View from Kempinski Grand des Bains


The hotel looks classic and stylish. It’s anything but stiff. Hospitality reigns here. The ladies and gentlemen of the reception are always friendly and ask how things are going and what the plans were/are. The gentlemen of the bar recognize the guests and all employees greet everyone. We feel welcome here.


There are many seats in the lobby. We are there in summer so it is not always full, winter is high season in Sankt Moritz. There are many flowers in the hall. This always ensures a cheerful entrance.

Hall Kempinski Sankt Moritz

The spa and fitness are located on the first floor.

Restaurants en bar


There are 3 restaurants and it is possible to eat in the bar. In summer there are 2 restaurants open. Ca d’Oro is closed in summer. The food from the kitchen of Les Saison is served in the restaurant of Ca d’Oro. This is because Les Saison is the hotel’s main restaurant and the hotel is not full so dinner is served in the smaller space. The number of places is limited, so reservation is a must for Les Saison. The 2nd restaurant open in summer is Da Adriano, former Enoteca. This is grand. Too bad Ca d’Oro is closed, but a good excuse to come back sometime in winter. Most Michelin star restaurants in St. Moritz are closed in the summer.

We ate at Les Saison. The food is good and the service is also very good. There is a fast pace. Within an hour we were ready with our starter and main course. The menu is partly the same as at Da Adriano and at the bar. As a result, no separate report has been made for Les Saison. Think the menucard is different in winter.


In addition to drinks, the bar also serves high tea and snacks. The whiskey list is quite extensive. The drinks are pricey even for a 5 star hotel. Mind you, you are of course in Switzerland and even in St. Moritz.

Bar Grand des Bains
Bar Kempinski Grand des Bains

If you want to eat here, have the St. Moritz burger. You don’t know what you taste. A beef burger with foie gras and truffle. So good I could eat more of this if I wasn’t full after a burger.

Delicious burger at Kempinski Grand des Bains

Spa and Fitness

The spa is huge. An indoor pool with sunbeds and a spa with 5 mixed saunas and a women’s spa.

Relaxation area in the spa area of Kempinsk Grand hotel des Bains

The 5 saunas are very pleasant: a steam sauna, Finnish sauna, Bio sauna, Stone sauna and Herbal sauna. All saunas are very spacious. There is ample rest space, both inside and out.

Sauna Grand hotel des Bains
Sauna area

The massages are good. I had a 50 minute massage. The time flew. Good firm massage.

Spa logo

The fitness is also spacious. Everything needed for a good workout is available.


The pool is nice in shape and quite large for a hotel. It is wonderful to take a dip in the heated water. The pool is a must, especially in winter.

Pool Kempinski Grand des Bains
Pool Kempinski


Breakfast is served at Les Saison. The ambiance is very pleasant.

Cowbells in restaurant

The breakfast is extensive. The layout of the buffet has been well thought out, especially when it is busy. Due to the good design, the guests do not get in each other’s way. Konstantin our waiter knows his trade. He was by far the best person serving us at breakfast. At one point he knew what we wanted to eat and gave great tips for day trips. This man has the craft in him. Hotels depend on this kind of good professionals.

Bread assortment

Other rooms

I have seen a one bedroom deluxe alpine suite. In terms of look and feel, it is completely different from the rest of the rooms. Full Alpine lifestyle. I hope the other rooms continue in this style. Slightly more modern look. We love this style.

Bedroom Alpine Suite Grand des Bains

Room 180 (Deluxe Alpine Suite) has a living room with dining table, kitchen, a sleek bathroom, which I love. A large bedroom and a terrace where the dog can run free.

Livingroom Alpine Suite Grand des Bains
Bathroom Alpine Suite


A very nice/pleasant stay here. Good base for beautiful trips / walks in the area. Even made a day trip to Italy. The Bernina Pass is a must for motorcyclists and motoring enthusiasts. The atmosphere is classic. The people are very friendly. We had a great stay in this beautiful hotel. One of the best in Sankt Moritz. We are in love with St. Moritz and with this hotel.


  • Ambience: 9.9
  • Room: 9.9
  • Price: 9.9
  • Service: 10.0
  • Cleaning: 10.0
  • Total Impression: 9.9
Tobias near Veuve Clicquot
Bathroom Grand des Bains
Sauna Kempinski des Bains
One of the 5 saunas
Veuve Clicquot in Sankt Moritz
Veuve Clicquot is the house champagne of Grand hotel des Bains
Grand des Bains
Hall of Kempinski Grand des Bains
Veuve Clicquot in Sankt Moritz
Delicious collection of champagnes
Bar Kempinski Grand des Bains
bar during day time
The dog is having a good time in the bar
Champagne at the bar in St. Moritz
Very good assortment of fruits
Home made muesli
Pool Kempinski Grand des Bains
Swimming pool
Relaxing in the sun
Relax in the hotel room