The Campuhan ridge walk is an easy walk through the rice fields with stunning views to the tropical forrest in Ubud, it goes up and down hill. The start is in the centre of Ubud and the end is on the west bank of the city above the beautiful rice fields. The walk is over a paved path with on both sides a cliff with the forrest. On one of the sides construction was going on, several houses were build in the distance, we did not hear anything of the construction. We did do this walk early in the morning. The pros of an early start are : not hot and not very busy. We saw more people walking but also some runners who run this 2 km path back and forward.

Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud

How to get to the path

We took the taxi from Four Seasons Sayan to the entrance in Ubud. The cost for the taxi was IDR 100,000 (about EUR 6,50) for the 10-15 minute drive. As Ubud has no meter taxi’s we always paid this amount for these distances. The taxi dropped us in front of the Warwick IBAH villa’s and spa. This hotel is located on the main road of Ubud. We walked towards the Warwick IBAH hotel and then the road split. Take the left path towards the trail. Walk down hill and then pass a bridge. If you arrive by scooter you can drop your scooter here.

After the bridge there is a Balinese Temple, and a small path to the right. Take this path and you arrive at Campuhan Ridge walk.


As said the walk is easy, but keep in mind that it can be very hot and humid in Ubud, therefor try to go as early as possible or late in the afternoon when it’s a bit cooler. We started the walk round 7AM, it was not busy although some runners where there and some other tourists. The hike is up and down hill, as it is not a difficult hike I recommend this hike for all ages. The path has views to the rice fields, the forrest and some houses. Mid-way there are some cafes for refreshments and shops where artists sell their work.

Ubud is a busy town. Lots of motors / scooters / cars and packed with tourists, but when you start walking the Campuhan Ridge trail you hear nothing from the busy centre anymore and you do not see the town. I was very surprised not hearing or seeing anything from the town. You have the feeling you arrive in a different world.

A view to some houses over the rice fields
The path.
Look at the nature. Large palm trees, forrest and grass.

End of Walk

At the end of the walk there are several rice fields. It was very quiet here. Several tourists ended halfway near the cafes / shops. We decided to walk further and after a short boring part we arrived at rice fields. This was one of the first larger rice fields we spotted in Bali, so we were very impressed. Some farmers were in the field, this makes the view complete and is beautiful picture / video material.

rice fields

At the end (where the rice fields are) you can return and walk the same way back or continue. I have heard that the path goes to Ubud, but we did not do this, so am not sure. We walked back as we liked this and wanted to have breakfast in the hotel.

The end or the beginning of the path (Temple and bridge)

As said we walked back to the bridge. Near the bridge is a beautiful temple. The temple was closed and even when it was open no visitors were allowed, but we could look through the gates and we could see the square of the temple. Beautiful. Of course lot of statues are located round the temple.

Passing the temple, we went downwards towards the river. On the other side of the river a hotel is based, on this side of the river it’s nature and beautiful views (Again)….. We did not go into the water, but when it’s extremely hot I think the river might be very refreshing.

The river close to the temple

We went up hill again and walked back to the entrance (Warwick IBAH Villas and Spa). The sun was shining through the trees what a perfect way to start the day.

Path back to the main road in Ubud.

Drone impression

Our drone video of the Campuhan Ridge Walk.


For most tourists it’s a must to visit Campuhan Ridge walk. Go early morning / end of afternoon. As said it’s a different world. An easy hike, with stunning views relaxed after a long day in busy Ubud or a relaxed way to start your busy day. If your hotel is close to the entrance take this path as your running lane. You won’t regret it!!!