On our first day in Bali we decided to make a day trip to several beaches in Nusa Dua so we could use our drone and swim a bit in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The weather was perfect, so let’s take the car to the first beach. We asked the lady in red at Kempinski Apurva to arrange a car and driver. As we just arrived we did not want to arrange a car and driver ourself. We like luxury so let’s take the hotel car. The hotel arranged a great airconditioned SUV with a guide who spoke very good English. We loved this. Not cheap, but worth it!

Pantai Pandawa

Pandawa beach is located in Kutuh. Approx. 10 km from Nusa Dua centre and 13 km from Kempinski Apurva. Although Kempinski Apurva is closer to Pandawa beach you have to take the road back to Nusa Dua first and then drive towards the beach.

The beach is surrounded by 2 cliffs. In one of the cliffs statues are carved. According to Wikipedia the statues are of the Padavas and Kunti Godness. The statues wear Balinese cloths. Before the cliff with statues some construction was going on, it looks like they are building a hotel here, but not sure what it will be. When we visited the beach it was quiet, relaxed and a perfect spot to sunbath and to use the drone for the first time in Bali.

The beach is secluded and is known for watersport, famous for the white sand and famous for the man made statues, however when you are at the beach you do not see the statues anymore. A lot of strandtent where you can eat or drink or rent a sun bed. You can rent a kayak as well.

We liked this beach very much. We did not sit at the beach, but used it for our drone. The views are stunning, the people are very friendly. A lot of small strandtent for lunch or drinks (not expensive) and a relaxed ambiance. Like almost all places in Bali you need to pay to park you car. We heard that people also had to pay to visit the beach but we did not have to do this.

Gunung Payung

By far the most beautiful beach we have seen in Bali. This hidden gem is close to Pandawa Beach (only 5 km). When you arrive you are in a different world. No watersport, no sun bed, no restaurants just you, the beach, sea, sand and ocean. White sand…. more tropical than this doesn’t get it in Bali. This is paradise.

A long(er) stroll from the parking spot to the beach. Steep hills, high walls with vegetation and lot of shade. The walk is worth it. There are two parts at the beach, the beach where you can lay in the sand and the smaller beach with the rocks.

Road to the beach

We decided to go to the smaller beach with rocks as we did not want to lay in the sand and wanted to use our drone without bothering others. We walked the path and then went down to the beach over a rocky road. It did take about 5-10 minutes before we reached the beautiful beach.

To reach the main beach you need to go down the stairs. Take about 280 steps before you are at the beach. Again it’s worth it. A lot of paragliders are near the beach. Close to the beach is the starting point for the paraglider.

Padang Padang

Padang Padang is a very popular beach and surf spot. Located 18 km. from Nusa Dua and close to Uluwatu. It’s on the west coast of Peninsula Nusa Dua. The beach has secluded caves and rocks besides the famous white sand.

Here you need to pay again to get access to the beach. Paying for beaches is very popular in Bali. Luckily it is not that expensive, so you can visit more beaches on one day. If you do not want to pay several times entrance fees, I recommend that you go to a different beach each day. Paid parking spot for car and scooters is close to the entrance path.

The narrow stairs to the beach

A narrow stair case goes from the top to the beach. We are tall so we had to watch our heads as the rocks are above the stairs and construction is not build for tall Europeans…. At the end of this narrow path you arrive at the beach. We were very lucky to see immediately monkeys. I’ve heard stories that the monkeys at the beach try to steel sunglasses and other items. I did not see this, but what I saw is that one of the monkeys was emptying a bag. Someone went to the water and left the bag unattended. A money opened the bag and threw everything out of the bag that was not eatable or not interesting. Everything that was eatable was consumed immediately. When we wanted to approach the monkey to stop his action he showed his teeth and everyone stepped back as you do not want to get bitten……. But do not be scared if you take care of your belongings nothing will happen. They do not attack you, as far as I know.

Several stands are at the entrance of the beach. They sell food, drinks and some souvenirs. The beach contains big rocks and white sand. Beautiful scenery. If you want to surf you can rent a surfboard here of bring your own, but note the narrow stairs.

Impression of a day trip. First part is dedicated to the beaches of Nusa Dua.

We visited the beaches on one day (our first day in Bali). We liked the combination of the 3 beaches. It took us one afternoon to visit all beaches, you can do this also in a day and relax more, dip in the ocean, zip cocktails at the beach and lay in the sand. We enjoyed the afternoon and had drinks and bathed in the ocean a bit. But it was more for us to explore the island a bit and to use the drone.