This Western oriented grill restaurant is located in the Anantara hotel Chiang Mai. The restaurant is housed in the former British Consulate. We see plenty of remains from this period. There is a display case with handcuffs, clothes and pens. There are also more old objects such as an old gramophone.

Interior The Service 1921

South African chef David Eldridge is in charge of the kitchen.


As a starter I take a lobster bisque with truffle. The bisque is not real bisque and is much better. The delicious creamy lobster soup with white truffle, a large king prawn and lobster claws. What a delight.

Lobster bisque at The Service, 1921

Thomas takes hamachi with avocado. Very many pieces of hamachi, served as sashimi, are served. Next to all this is an avocado mousse. All very tasty.

Hamachi at The Service 1921

The main course consists of Wagyu fillet with large potato wedges and black pepper sauce. The steak is cooked perfectly. Medium-rare as requested. The pepper sauce is deliciously spicy.


Thomas has halibut with a béchamel sauce. The béchamel sauce is thick and creamy, just as it should be. The fish is perfect from cuisson.

Halibut with Bechamel sauce

In addition, various other dishes are on the menu such as beef tartar, oysters, scallops. As main dishes: lobster, large shrimps and various types of meat. The card has a lot of variety

We take a Syrah Cabernet from Thailand, a nice medium bodied wine.

Syrah Cabernet

Interior/ Service

You imagine yourself back in time. Surrounded by portraits from the 1920s that hang on a blue-green wall. Large display cabinets with items from the 1920s. The interior has been very well thought out. The chairs are also very comfortable so that we can sit here for hours and look out our eyes.

Together at The Service 1921
The Service 1921 in Chiang Mai

A nice detail is the interrogation room. Walk in there and look around, you don’t know what you see.

The Service 1921

The service is magnificent. The ladies in the service know their trade. They know what Thai hospitality is. No wish is too much. The staff speak very good English.

The Serivce 1921

If you want good food, good service in a unique location, eat here. Reservation is required.


Interior The Service 1921
A separate room in the restaurant
Gramophone at The Service 1921
Gramophone as decoration
Pens in display case