The Sukhothai hotel houses one of the best Thai restaurants in Bangkok according to Travel+Leisure in 2018. Celadon serves authentic tasty meals in a building surrounded by water.


The restaurant is only open 3 days a week and is only open for dinner. This is a pity because this is the best restaurant in this hotel. Way better the La Scala the Italian restaurant.

Chime upon entering Celadon

Menu / food

As a starter I took spicy grilled beef with lemongrass, shallots, eggplant and chili sauce. The waiter warned me that it is one of the most spicy dishes in the restaurant. Not a single word has been lied about this. If you like spicy food, have this dish. It is recommended. Perfectly grilled beef, very sharp in taste and slightly sour in taste due to the lemongrass. What a great combination this is. The plating is also very good. Although this is a salad, it doesn’t look like a salad at all.

Beef salad at Celadon

As wine we took a Riesling from 2017. Riesling and spicy food match very well together.


Thomas had a soup with a large shrimp. A kind of Tom Yam soup. The shrimp was fried and then stuffed with shelll into the spicy sour soup. The soup is very tasty, not too spicy but well balanced. A nice combination between sour and spicy. Delicious.

Tom Yam soup with lobster

As a main course we had spicy fried beef fillet with mint. The meat is thinly sliced, well seasoned and very tasty. As a vegetable we take Thai morning glory with garlic, shrimps and a fish sauce. Morning glory is a water spinach and a South East Asian dish. The vegetable is stir fry.

Over the vegetables are large slices of garlic and small shrimps. Very nice.

Thai beef
Morning glory

Two types of rice are served with the main course: jasmine rice and organic rice.

Interior/ Service

The restaurant is in a separate building from the main building. It seems when you are inside that you are on an island. Water all around.

Upon arrival, a refreshing drink of lime and galangal is served. Very tasty and wonderfully fresh. The air conditioner cools too much. It’s on the cold side. This is a pity, but this is the only minus we have tonight. We are enjoying ourselves immensely.

The interior is very nice. Real Thai with huge flower arrangements as a so-called centrepiece. The service is good. The menu is on the tablet.

We wanted to have a table around 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm, the restaurant was fully booked at that time, so we could only have a table at 9:00 pm. Book early if you want to eat here.

Interior Celadon

If you have dinner at 9 pm, keep in mind that the last orders must be made at 10 pm. Hurry is required.

Overall, a very good Thai meal Very good food, very good service, at a high price, but you know that when you are in a top hotel. We recommend this restaurant.