If the weather in Switzerland is less nice, there is a good chance that the temperature on Lake Como is a lot higher and the sun shines. We went on a day trip to Lake Como. It remained 12°C in Sankt Moritz and at Lake Como it was 26°C.

From Kempinski Grand Des Bains drove via the Majola pass towards Italy. This pass is just like the Bernina pass very beautiful. You descend quickly through the many sharp hairpin bends.

Maloja Pass, look at the steep drop.
Maloja pass

Crossing the border went very quickly. Small border crossing, no control, not even because of Covid-19.

On the way to Varenna you drive through many tunnels. After the exit and a very steep descent you arrive in a romantic village. Varenna is also called the most beautiful village on Lake Como.

Lake Coma near Varenna

Put the car in the parking garage and walked through the village. The prices here are completely different than in Switzerland. Here we pay EUR 4 for 2 coffees, while in Switzerland we can’t even get a cup of coffee for this price.

Lake Como
Varenna the most romantic village on Lake Como

A hiking trail runs along the lake. From the hiking trail there are great views of Lake Como. There are small pebble beaches where people lie. The walk along the lake is beautiful. We wanted to rent a boat to sail on Lake Como, but unfortunately all boats were occupied. So book in time.

Hiking trail along Lake Como in Varenna

Lunch by the lake. The lunch was nothing special, hence no report. The view of Lake Como, on the other hand, was magnificent. Location wise it couldn’t be better.


Descended the romantic stairs and took some pictures of the lake and this romantic place and then on our way to Domaso where we wanted to lie on the beach. We thought the beaches near Varenna were too small, so we wanted to go to Domaso.

Romantic spot in Varenna
Beach in Varenna

Domaso is about a 30 minute drive from Varenna and is on the other side of the lake. There is also a ferry.

In Domaso there are several grassy beaches where you can relax. Keep in mind that a pebble beach goes towards the lake.

Beach at Domaso on Lake Como
On the beach in Domaso

The drive back to St. Moritz is about 1.5 hours. Via the Maloja pass back to the hotel. When cars are driving in front of you, you see a kind of apartment building of cars, it goes up so steeply.

Part of the Maloja Pass photographed from above
Maloja pass

Various photos of Lake Como area

Hiking trail in Varenna along Lake Como
Pedestrian promenade in Varenna along Lake Como
View to Varenna
Varenna the most romantic village on Lake Como
Street in Varenna
Thomas at Lake Como
Varenna and Lake Como
Lake Coma near Varenna
Beach at Domaso on Lake Como