We were tipped by Mandy from Da Adriano to eat a Windbeutel here. The Windbeutelbaron is known for sweet and savory windbeutels. A windbeutel is a German profiterol, in Dutch they are also called Parisian puffs.

Windbeutel Baron

We had to stand in line to get in. This is a very popular location. After about 5 minutes we were able to take a seat on the terrace.

Windbeutel restaurant

Indeed on the menucard many different windbeutels. We stick to a sweet windbeutel and take a Kehlsteinhouse. This is a choux with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and blueberries. Very tasty and very mighty/ rich. We don’t have to have lunch after this puff.

Windbeutel restaurant

The homemade ice tea is also very tasty. There is a lot of fruit in the tea.

Homemade ice tea

The view is stunning. Because we were far from the balustrade we could not take pictures of the view. In good weather it is wonderful to sit on the terrace and to enjoy the view of the Alps.

This is a must if you have visited Kehlstein or if you are in Berchtesgaden. From Berchtesgaden there is a gondola to the restaurant. We didn’t take this one because our hotel is close to Windbeutel Baron.

Interior Windbeutel