According to various websites, the Bernina Pass near St. Moritz the most beautiful mountain pass in Switzerland. The concierge of hotel Kempinski Grand Des Bains also indicated that we should drive this route. Allow at least half a day for this trip. For motorcyclists this tour is an absolute must, I would even go to Engadin / St. Moritz to ride this tour, if I were riding a motorcycle.

From St. Moritz you drive to Pontresina, where Punt Muragl is, where the mountain pass starts approximately.

Glacier of Bernina Diavolezza

We first made a stopover at Bernina Diavolezza. Here we took the gondola to the glacier. The glacier is at about 3,000 meters. Dogs are allowed on the gondola for free.

In the snow at Bernina Diavolezza

It started to snow at the glacier and that in August. There are many mountain climbers. Beautiful walks can also be made from the highest point. We came for the view, so this time no hike for us here this time. There is quite a bit of snow on the mountain / glacier.

Day trip to Bernina Diavolezza
Tobias at the glacier

Back down we took the gondola, then we cross the mountain pass by car. Several stops have been made so that motorists can enjoy the view.

At the highest point of the pass (2,253 meters) are 3 lakes. The largest lake is Lago Bianco, here are also a few restaurants and a hotel. There are also several hiking trails here.

Lake at 2,300 meters altitude
lake on the way when driving the Bernina Pass

We continued the road to Poschiavo. The winding road through the Alps is very beautiful. There is also an exit to another mountain pass (Livigno), keep passport ready as you enter Italy.

We stopped in Poschiavo to have lunch. This is a very beautiful and lovely village. Then we drove on to Lago di Poschiavo. Walked along the lake and then we drove the same road back to St. Moritz.

Village at the end or beginning of Bernina pass

Along the way you will come across the Bernina express (train from St. Moritz to Tirano, Italy). In Le Prese you drive partly on the railway. Here the train runs right past the houses.

Lago di Poschiavo

You will encounter a very nice trip, beautiful views, eternal snow and enormous valleys. We were very impressed with this pass.

Poschiavo village at the end of Bernina Pass
Day trip to Lago di Poschiavo
Lago di Poschiavo.