We like to go to this chain, which results in the fact that we have a Black Kempinski and GHA membership. Delightful 5-star hotels with good service. Had never been to Palais Hansen before and very curious. The hotel was built for the 1873 World’s Fair which was held in Vienna. Kempinski has been managing this hotel since 2013.

First impression

Lobby Palais Hansen

After a first look at the enormous building, I immediately said “wow” what a great building this is. Location of the property is on the Ringstrasse. A bellboy comes right up and takes the suitcase out of the taxi and brings it to the reception. Check-in is very efficient and I am getting a double upgrade to a Hansen Suite based on my membership.

It is pleasantly busy in the lobby, a lot busier than at Ritz Carlton where there is a serene tranquility as there was no one sitting there. Here are a lot of businesspeople having discussions and people are at work. Business is conducted in this hotel.

The first impression was that I appreciate this hotel for its modern look and the cozy atmosphere. It exceeded my expectations, especially after having just spent 3 nights at the Ritz-Carlton. I expected it to be disappointing as Kempinski is more favorably priced than Ritz-Carlton and Ritz-Carlton is generally more upscale than Kempinski.

Lobby Kempinski Vienna

Room / Suite

When I open the room door (room 166) I see a spacious living / sitting room, next to it a bedroom and then a very spacious bathroom. Unfortunately, the view from this Suite is to a courtyard. I personally do not like this. The great advantage of a room facing an inner courtyard is that no noise whatsoever enters the room.

Hansen Suite
Hansen Suite
Hansen Suite

Back at the reception I indicate that I prefer to receive a downgrade to a junior suite, however the receptionist decides to upgrade me to a Ring Suite This suite is great. I have room 127 on the corner of the building. The Ring suite overlooks the Ringstrasse and is shaped like a ring, because you can walk through the entire room and come back to the front door of the suite.

Desk at Palais Hansen

The room has a great layout. Upon entering a large hall with cupboard space, then you walk into the living room / office. Behind the living room the bedroom. You continuously enter the dressing room / room with again a lot of closet space. No lack of storage space. Then you enter the bathroom with bath and shower and finally you enter the toilet, where when you exit the second door of the toilet you are back in the hall of the room. Grandiose layout of this room.

Living room Ring Suite
Living room Ring Suite

The TV in the bedroom is concealed in a closet. This can be raised and lowered with remote control.

The shower is very good. Very strong rays, just as I would expect in a hotel. The bathroom contains bottles of Salvatore Ferragamo, various Kempinski hotels have this luxury brand as soaps. Delicious!

Luxury bathroom products

I am a taller person, I like a bigger / longer bed. The bed in the room is long, but just not long enough for me. I just couldn’t stretch out. Think the bed is 2 meter long. The bed is soft and quite comfortable. There are two single duvets on the bed.

Bedroom Kempinski Vienna

Lobby / bar

In the hall is the bar for coffee, tea and cake. Lots of people working here / having business discussions. It is always pleasantly busy in the hall. There is also a separate bar but it is closed due to Covid. The service in the lobby is good and efficient.

Lobby lounge Kempinski

The hall is elegantly furnished, with a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Lots of booths in the lobby. Very nicely decorated.

Hall Palais Hansen
Bar in lobby

Spa and Fitness

The spa and gym are located at the bottom of the hotel. The fitness room is large. Everything you need is here. New Technogym equipment. Lots of dumbells that can be used for the workout.

Fitness area Kempinski Vienna
Fitness Kempinski Vienna

The pool is small, but very nicely decorated, an Eastern theme has been chosen here. Guests imagine themselves in the Middle East. There are a few sun beds by the pool. The pool is not deep, you cannot dive and I think it is too small for swimming.

Pool Kempinski Vienna.
Pool area

There are two sauna rooms. One for ladies and one mixed. There are 3 saunas in the mixed sauna room. A Finnish sauna (90 °C), a cooler sauna (60 °C) and a steam bath (45 °C). Sufficient towels are available. Opposite the mixed sauna room is a relaxation room, there are many sunbeds here. I missed this at Ritz-Carlton.

Sauna Kempinski Vienna
Relax area Kempinski Palais Hansen
Relax area Kempinski Palais Hansen


There are two restaurants in the hotel. Die Küche (closed due to Corona) and Edvard the Michelin star restaurant.

Interior at Edvard


Breakfast is served in Die Küche. It is a buffet breakfast, the choice is reasonable. I missed cottage cheese and fruit. There is some fruit, but the variety of varieties was limited. There is a station where eggs are baked. The different types of bread are sufficient. Service in the breakfast area is adequate.

Breakfast at Kempinski Vienna
Breakfast at Kempinski

Due to corona, many products were individually packed, this is a very good solution.

Breakfast at Kempinski Vienna


A wonderful stay at Palais Hansen. Ritz-Carlton is generally a bit better regarded than Kempinski, which made me wonder if I should be the last to go to this hotel. I spent the night here with great pleasure. The service is top notch. The rooms are very good. In terms of price – quality, this hotel is very good. I enjoyed my stay. Would have liked to have stayed longer at this hotel.



  • Ambiance: The atmosphere in the hotel is very good. Very pleasant and pleasant. 9.8
  • Rooms / Suite: The suite I had was magnificent. The layout of the suite is top, the items that are there are beautiful and well maintained. 9.8
  • Price: The price-quality is well balanced. I had a room including breakfast. 9.8
  • Service: Service overall is very good. You will be helped directly in the lobby, reception is very friendly and attentive. Spa ladies are very friendly. Nobody works with an attitude. 9.8
  • Cleaning: The cleaning is very good. I have not found any dirt / dust anywhere. 9.9
  • Total Impression: I will definitely come return on my next visit to Vienna. I then again choose a room on the street side so that I hear the traffic passing by. Can imagine enough people prefer a room with view to inner-court . This hotel is one of the best hotels in Vienna. 9.8
Coffee in Vienna
Facade hotel
Facade building
Inner garden Kempinski Vienna
Watching TV at Kempinski