Logo of Dstrikt steakhouse

The Ritz-Carlton hotel claims to have the best steakhouse in Vienna. If a hotel / restaurant states that they are the best in town, we want to try that out …..

The restaurant is modern and stylishly decorated. The lighting is dimmed so that the atmosphere is enhanced, jazz and lounge music is played. Lovely ambiance to eat here.

Unfortunately an almost empty restaurant due to Corona.

As expected, the menu contains many types of meat. Only Austrian meat is on the menu. At Dstrikt you will not be disappointed with the number of wines that can be ordered by the glass. Prices range from well-priced house wines to more expensive wines served through a coravin.

Glass of white wine


As a starter I choose tuna tartare with ginger ice cream and fried onions. What a great dish this is. The tuna was more red than normal, when I took a bite I immediately understood why. The tuna cubes are covered in ponzu sauce. The tuna has been left as pure as possible.

Tuna tartare at DStrikt

On the tuna are fried onion that are very crispy, these are freshly baked. In addition, there are drops of wasabi mayonnaise on the tuna. Next to the tuna is ginger ice cream. This is a crushed ginger ice cream. Nice counterpart to the saltier taste of the tuna.

I also drink a white Burgundy from Vincent Girardin from 2017.

White Burgundy at Dstrikt

As a main course I have a Steak. I decide to go for a 42 day dray aged Strip Loin. This one is baked medium rare at my request. With this piece of meat I take broccoli with almonds and fries with truffle oil and Parmesan. The meat is tender and very well cooked. Just the way I want it (medium rare). The fries are crispy, slightly on the small side, but have a good taste. Broccoli is cooked briefly with the fried almonds on top.

Steak at Dstrikt

As a wine, I choose a more exclusive wine that is served with the coravin. I’ll take another Bourgogne; this time a red wine (Morey Saint Denis) from 2012. This wine went wonderfully with the piece of meat.

Red Burgundy at Dstrikt


The interior is stylish, timeless yet modern. The lighting plays an important role in this. A large dark-colored sofa stands against the wall opposite red leather chairs. Guests can choose their own steak knife. A large plateau is shown on which various stab knives are, so that the guest can choose their own knife.

Knife set at DStrikt

On the wall there are many photos of the Austrian landscape, in addition there is a large drawing of a cow with an indication of where the meat comes from. The lighting on the wall is very tasteful.

Interior of Dstrikt


Very good service in the restaurant. The prices are on the high(er) side, but the meat is very tender and well prepared. The big plus is the variety of wines. The wine selection by the glass is huge, this is top notch. This is one of the better steakhouses!

Salt and pepper at Dstrikt
Bread at Dstrikt
Beet butter, olive butter and butter
Broccoli with almonds