It had been a while since I had stayed at a Ritz-Carlton. Let’s say it was about time. Ritz-Carlton is part of Marriott and from American Express we have a Gold member status with Marriott, which gives us some benefits such as a free upgrade if available. The Ritz-Carlton Vienna hotel is located near the Volkspark and within walking distance of the historic city center. The hotel is located in 4 former palaces that are connected to each other and is located on a main road.

Facade of the hotel

First impression

Upon entering, it was immediately noticeable that this hotel radiates tranquility. A large hall with large paintings, nice chairs (where I think no one sits). If you go down a flight of stairs, you’ll be in the next hall. The luggage will not be taken out of the car or taken to the room. I don’t know if this has to do with corona. It is also not offered, while this is a standard service for a 5-star hotel. The check-in is very efficient and within minutes I received the key for my room (suite).

Entrance hotel
Reception area

The room is on the 5th floor. When I arrived on the 5th floor I had to walk quite a bit to my room, I notice that these were 4 palaces that are connected to each other. I got the idea that I was walking in a circle because I had to turn right a number of times. I also have to go down several small stairs so that I slowly walked down a bit. I finally found my junior suite at the end of the hall. The funny thing was when I looked into the hallway from the door of my room, I could see the elevators on the 4th floor. From now on so with the elevator to the 4th floor and couple steps up and I am at my room on the 5th floor. The stairwell at the lifts is impressive.

Hall of RC Vienna
Hall of RC Vienna

Room / Suite

The room is elegant and, like the rest of the hotel, exudes tranquility. A large walk-in closet with, in my view, a little too little storage space. A living room with sofa, chairs and desk and behind it a bedroom with a very comfortable looking bed. The bathroom is very large and has a bath, shower and separate toilet. Room is nicely decorated.

Reading on the couch.

The suite faces the ring and is located at the front of the hotel. The room has double windows, so there is hardly any noise. As written, the bathroom is quite large. The shower is good, the jet can be a bit more powerful for me, I like a hard water jet. Liked the shower though. The toiletries are from Asprey. There are more than enough toiletries in the bathroom.

Bathroom of a junior suite

The bed is big. I am tall (1.92 meters) and do not touch the back. Can be stretched out in bed. The bed not only looks comfortable, it is also very comfortable.

During the nights I stayed here, there was no turn down service. Whether this is due to Covid or because it is not done here is not known to me. When I checked in at Kempinski Hansen Palais it turned out that they do have turn-down service, so it is not limited by the Austrian government.

Bedroom at Ritz-Carlton Vienna
Living room RC Vienna

Lobby / bar

The Italian restaurant Pastamara is located next to the hall, where you can also have a drink. The look is modern and light. Many beige / brown colors are used in the furniture. I did not eat at Pastamara. I see people having a drink here too. A nice place to enjoy a good glass of wine.


The bar is called D-bar. This bar has both indoor and outdoor seating. What a wonderful bar this is. Trendy music, good bartenders and great drinks. The service in very good. As you would expect in a hotel, you can order any drink you wish.

The decor is chic and classy. Red sofas, fabric chairs with high backs.

Bar at RC Vienna
Bar at RC Vienna

The hotel also has a roof-top bar. This is Atmosphere rooftop bar. Unfortunately this bar is not always open. During my visit the weather was very nice so I would have loved it if the bar were open more often, unfortunately this was not allowed. The bar is open from Tuesday to Saturday (understand this as these are the busiest days in a hotel) and only in good weather. I was able to enjoy the view on the roof for one evening. What a great bar this is. The view is phenomenal over Vienna and the service is very good. Keep in mind that you have to book here if you want to be sure of a table.

Rooftop terrace RC
Roof terrace RC Vienna

Spa and Fitness

The hotel has an indoor pool. There are sunbeds by the pool, if the hotel is fully booked it may be that there are not enough sunbeds, but when I was there they were almost all unoccupied. The water has a wonderful temperature and you can draw jobs well.

Pool at Ritz-Carlton Vienna
Sun loungers at the RC Vienna pool

The Fitness area is spacious. Everything you need is here. Lots of people were exercising. Equipment is well maintained. It is wonderful to go to the sauna after exercising.

Fitness at RC Vienna
Fitness at RC Vienna

The sauna is not mixed. Two saunas are located in the men’s and women’s dressing room. A Finnish sauna and a steam sauna. The sauna room is nice, not very big, but very pleasant. There are two sunbeds at the men’s sauna to relax. The lockers in the changing room are easy to operate. The lockers contain slippers, a towel and a bathrobe.

Sauna at RC Vienna
Spa area


There are two restaurants, an Italian restaurant (Pastamara) and a Steakhouse (Dstrikt).

Dstrikt has been voted one of the best steakhouses in the world (in 2019) and Pastamara as one of the best Italian restaurants outside of Italy. I myself have not eaten at Pastamara. I did eat at Dstrikt, the review will be online soon.

Restaurant RC Vienna
Breakfast room RC Vienna
Interior Dstrikt


Breakfast is served at Dstrikt Steakhouse. There is no buffet, breakfast is a-la-card. The service is good. The food ordered comes pretty quickly.

Breakfast at RC Vienna
Breakfast at RC Vienna


A wonderful stay. I slept very well in Vienna for 3 nights at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Overall, I think it’s a lovely hotel. Would go back again in a heartbeat. It’s not a cheap hotel, but it’s worth the price. Most of the staff are very friendly. It was wonderful to stay at a Ritz-Carlton for a number of nights. Look forward to other overnight stays at this chain.


  • Ambiance: The atmosphere is very good. There is a peaceful atmosphere in the hotel. There is a classy atmosphere. 9.3 9.3
  • Rooms / Suites: The rooms are fully equipped. Could have been a bit more storage space for clothes, many hanging options but less storage options. The overall layout of the room is extremely good:
  • Price: A 5-star Deluxe hotel is never cheap. This hotel has great offers. 9.0
  • Service: Overall the service is good. Most of the staff are very friendly. 9.0
  • Cleaning: For me this is always one of the most important elements of a stay. The hotel is very clean. The room was also very clean. 9.8
  • Total Impression: I enjoyed this very much and absolutely want to come back. 9.3
Living room RC Vienna.
Reading in the sitting area
Ceiling at RC Vienna
One of the ceilings in the hotel
Fruit en Water at Ritz Carlton Vienna
Fruit and water in the sitting area
In bed at RC Vienna
Relaxing at the bed
Roof terrace RC Vienna
Lobby RC Vienna