When I was a child my grand mother always made lemon pudding as dessert for her birthday. As a child, I liked this a lot as this is a light dessert because of the whipped proteins. The combination between sour and sweet makes it special. The most important thing of creating a good lemon pudding is stirring, stirring and stirring. I use a mixer. My grandmother used forks and a whisk, but this is too much work for me. If you do not stir enough the lemon goes to the bottom and your lemon pudding is ruined. You can try to stir it again, but it will not become the best lemon pudding.

Me and my brothers always argued who could have the last piece and clean the bowl.


  • 3 lemons
  • 5 eggs
  • 180 gr. sugar
  • 6 gelatin


Squeeze the 3 lemons.

Soak the gelatin for at least 10 minutes in cold water.

Split the eggs.

Mix the egg white till it is fluffy.

Add the 5 egg yolks and sugar in a bowl you can heat, and mix them till the substance is thick and light.

Substance is light and thick.

Add the lemon juice to the mixed yolks and sugar and heat it au Bain Marie, in the mean time, stir, stir and stir. Mix the ingredients till it is a bit tied. Then remove it from the water. When it is too hot I cool it in iced water, but normally the temperature is medium / cool.

Squeeze the gelatin and add a bit of boiling water till it’s dissolved. Add the gelatin to the lemon / sugar and stir again.

Check if the egg white is still fluffy, if not, mix again till it’s very fluffy. Add bit by bit the protein and stir. Make sure you do not remove the air out of the protein.

added the first part the protein to the lemon cream

When all protein is added and mixed transfer the liquide lemon pudding into a large bowl or to smaller bowls. I use both, depending on the evening. When I want to give everyone a smaller portion I use small bowls, when I want everyone to take as much as they want I use a large bowl.

Liquide Lemon Pudding in large bowl.

Put the pudding in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours till the pudding is not liquide anymore. You can hold the pudding bottom up without falling out of the bowl. Serve with some fresh fruit.