During our holiday in Jochberg we wanted to go hiking with Tobias. According to the concierge of Kempinski hotel Das Tirol, there is a nice hike in Jochberg. The hike goes to an impressive waterfall and back via a different path. The concierge indicated that the Sintersbacher waterfall is a very beautiful waterfall in Jochberg. The total route is slightly over 9 km. The concierge indicated that the hike is about 4 hours. Our interest was aroused.

We parked our car in the small parking lot on the Drachenweg in Jochberg. Since the car park is not very large, it is best to arrive early. An additional advantage is that when the sun shines it will not be too hot.

The start is uphill through the woods and along the river. We had just arrived in Austria, so we were not completely used to the mountains, so the climb towards the waterfall was sometimes tough. Part of the trail is quite muddy, it had also rained for a few weeks and the day of our hike was the first sunny day in weeks. This made the path a little slippery at times.

The climb to the waterfall starts at 920 meters and goes to 1,450 meters, which means that the rise is 530 meters. A fairly tough climb, but once you arrive at the waterfall, the view is magnificent. Best time to visit this waterfall is between June and September. As written it had rained a lot and because of this there was a lot of water that fell 85 meters into the depth.

Please note if you are going with a dog, there is a cattle grid in some places. Most cattle grids allow the dogs to walk along them, but at the waterfall there is a bridge with a grid bottom so you have to lift the dog if you want to make the whole round.

After the waterfall it is a small climb to Wildalm. A typical Austrian restaurant, they do not serve coffee, but only local products (it is an Alm), you cannot pay with pin as there is no electricity. The drinks and the food are good.

Restaurant Wildalm during the walk

The 4-hour walk does not include the visit to Wildalm. After the Wildalm the path continues and you walk back down through the alpine meadows and forests. Follow the yellow signs Jochberg down until the sign “Parkplatz” appears, from that point follow this sign and you will return to the car.

A nice walk, put on sturdy shoes. We were wearing sneakers and slipped in certain places because it was slippery from the rain of the last few days.

Very nice walk to take your dog if the dog is not too big as you have to lift it at the waterfall.