The concierge of hotel Das Tirol referred us to restaurant Mocking because we wanted to eat somewhere where a dog is welcome. The concierge knows that we love good food and recommended restaurant Mocking near the gondola to the Hahnenkamm.

The restaurant, led by Andrea Posh and Chef Martin Huber, serves traditional Austrian food in an innovative, culinary way. The decoration is traditional with a modern touch. Stone floors, wooden tables, wooden chairs and a wooden bar. Austrian coziness. In the middle of the restaurant is a very large fireplace, which I do not know if it is still lit. The table we were sitting at was very close to the fireplace. In my view too close to turn on the fire in the same set-up, but perhaps the tables are set up differently in winter.

Interior at Mocking

The service is very attentive and hospitable.

In Austria it is customary to pay for your bread. At Mocking you get freshly baked bread with farmer’s butter, bacon oil, spread and whole grain crackers.

Bread at Mocking

The number of starters is limited, but they also have intermediate dishes that can be consumed as a starter.

We started with poached egg, mountain cheese, lava and potato. Was very curious about this combination. I got a spoon, so I was even more curious about this dish. The egg lay in a cheese soup. How this was made is a mystery to me. Despite the cheese, the soup did not grow thick, it remained liquid. The soup had a delicious cheese and maggi / lava flavor. The soup contained, among other things, potato and a kind of crunchy spaghetti. A delicious dish, very surprising.

Starter at Mocking

We also had trout with garlic chips and cucumber salad with cream. The trout was still whole and had been smoked, the skin had been removed as well as the bones. The fish had a wonderful smoky flavor. The cucumber salad and the chips were wonderfully complementary to the whole.

As a main course we had natural veal schnitzel. Nature schnitzel means the meat is not breaded. Zucchini lay on top of the schnitzel and a zucchini purée had been made. What a great find this was. The meat was very tender. With a gravy of zucchini

Schnitzel at Mocking

We also had knight fish or Arctic char. This fish was served with fennel and hazelnut puree. A delicious combination. We were enjoying!

The wine list is extensive and you can order quite a bit of wine by the glass.

View of the kitchen at Mocking
Together at Mocking