Schönbrunn Palace was the summer residence of the Habsburg family. The palace is a showpiece of baroque architecture, around the property is a great landscaped garden. At the end of the seventeenth century, the palace was commissioned to be built. The castle is outside the center. You can go here by public transport or by taxi / Uber.

On a very nice autumn day I went from Kempinski Palais Hansen to the castle.

Emperor Franz Josef I was born on the castle and has spent most of his life here. As a result, Empress Elizabeth (Sisi) also lived here. The palace is now open to the public.

The palace contains 1,441 rooms. It is not normal how certain rooms are decorated. For example, there is a so-called millionaire’s room, the walls are made of rosewood and mosaics on the wall that have been removed from Persia. Lots of gold in various rooms. However, there are also soberly decorated rooms.

As a visitor, you can do two different tours: the Grand tour where you enter 40 rooms and the Imperial tour where you visit 22 rooms. I did do the Grand tour. No photos may be taken in the building.

In good weather it is wonderful to wander the park for hours, read a good book on a bench in the sun, drink coffee in the Gloriette at Cafe Gloriette and admire the palace from various points in the garden. In the garden are also several attractions such as a Palm House and zoo. The zoo is the oldest zoo in the world.

The castle and garden are on the UNESCO world heritage list. Admission for the Grand tour is EUR 22.

Highly recommended to go here, especially on a beautiful summer day in combination with the garden.

Schönbrunn from a fountain.