Chef Jürgen Kleinhappl’s restaurant is located in the Hotel Schwarzer Adler. Restaurant Neuwirt is a household name in Kitzbühel and beyond. People have been eating here since 1844.

Entrance at Neuwirt

The restaurant is located on the Floriangasse 15 in Kitzbühel. Very centrally located. Neuwirt has a very large terrace where it is very good to stay even with rainy weather.

Terrace in Austria
Neuwirt summer 2020
Relaxing on the terrace

The kitchen cooks regionally and seasonally. Traditional dishes are prepared in a modern style.

The bread board is funny, on the shelf there is a small crispy baked bread with the bread knife in the shelf. On the shelf are herb butter and tapenade.

Bread board at Neuwirt
Bread board

The menu card has a slightly different layout than standard. Many dishes can be ordered as both a starter and main course.

Tartar Neuwirt consists of beef tartare and tuna tartare. Was wondering what this combination would be like since you don’t often get meat and fish as 1 tartare dish on a plate. Two types of tartare were served on a plate, with a quail egg and two types of mayonnaise. A mustard mayonnaise and a wasabi mayonnaise. Both tartars were very tasty. The tuna was very pure and hardly seasoned, the wasabi mayonnaise made it spicier, the beef tartare was creamy and had a good taste.

Beef and tuna tartare
Tartare Neuwirt

We also had a chicken soup with curry, lime and coconut milk, a kind of Tom Kai Kai, but totally different. It was a real traditional Austrian chicken soup however made with Thai spices. Very tasty, not too much coconut milk, little lime for the sour taste. The soup wasn’t fat. Very well done.

Chicken soup
Chicken soup Thai style

As a main course we had veal schnitzel with cranberries and (potato) salad. A very traditional dish. The schnitzel was quite large and very well breaded. Nice crispy fried. Of course, lemon was served with this. The cranberries were fresh and half pureed into jam, very fresh.

Veal schnitzel

The second main dish we had was Tournedos Rossini, the traditional tournedos with foie gras and truffle. Two large pieces of tournedos were served with two pretty thick slices of foie gras on top, which is a delicious combination. The tournedos extremely tender, the foie gras creamy and the truffle abundant. A truffle gravy and gnocchi with truffle were added as well. Wow this was the best dish I have eaten so far in Austria.

Tournedos Rossini with truffle at Neuwirt
Tournedos Rossini with Truffle

The dishes are great, we have not taken dessert, but coffee.

The service is top notch, very welcoming, very attentive and very alert. We were pleasantly surprised. Dogs are allowed to enter the restaurant.

Jurgen Kleinhappl

In our winter sports we will definitely come back here!

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