On the so-called millionaires mountain in Kitzbuhel, Rosi Sonnberg’s hotel/restaurant is located https://www.sonnbergstuben.at. Rosi Schipflinger is the owner of this up-scale establishment. Her son Fridel stands in the kitchen behind the pots and pans. The reason this is called the millionaires mountain is because this is the sunny side of the alps in Kitzbühel (south side) and here men cannot buy a house below one million Euro. A great location for a hotel/restaurant.

Rosi's Sonnberg Stuben

The millionaire mountain in Kitzbühel

The restaurant is located at 1,190 meters on the Kitzbühler horn – Birchalm. Both in winter and summer it is always busy here. We have eaten here a few times, take into account a decent bill especially as this is a very trendy occasion where it is partly seeing and being seen. Here, as an aperitif, no glass of Champagne is served, here you buy at least a bottle.

A delicious bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blanc de Blanc

Rosi is the singing hostess. If you’re lucky enough to have her perform, that’s a special experience. Rosi has also performed on TV and is a celebrity in Tyrol and beyond.

The cuisine is Tyrolean / Austrian with some culinary influences. We started the evening with a bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blanc. Then carpaccio with truffle. The truffle was abundant on the raw meat. The meat was not cold through and through, and was paper thin cut. Sometimes you get carpaccio where the meat is too cold, but that wasn’t the case here.

Carpaccio with truffle

We also had a salad with chanterelles as a starter. This was a simple dish, both of layout and taste. The lettuce was arugula and was made with a nice but not surprising dressing and the richly present chanterelles were short baked. Deliciously crunchy, but nothing else done with the mushrooms.

As main course we had caramelized salmon fillet with corn fries and seaweed, this was very tasty. A delicious crispy caramel layer lay on the fish, the salmon was still beautiful pink inside.

Salmon with corn fries

We also had shrimp fried in oil, chili pepper and garlic (Gamba’s al ajillo). A Spanish dish in Austria. There was a large amount of hot smoked paprika in the oil, so the prawns were nice and spicy. The garlic was crispy fried. Good that no bread was served, otherwise we probably would have dipped some of the bread in the oil.

Prawns as main course

We think this is a nice restaurant to go to if it has been a nice sunny day. A table on the terrace, views of the mountains and valley and great food and drink and very good service.

We have never seen the interior inside. Always lucky that when we come here, we can sit outside on the large terrace. The views from the terrace are breathtaking. The long tables are suitable for large groups or for sharing.

Fine dining on the terrace at Rosi's

The food comes quickly, we barely finished our starter or the main course was already served.

Highly recommended if you go to Kitzbuhel and want to eat good local dishes or enjoy watching people. You will see that there are a lot of bottles of champagne on the tables. Go here to see who is there and of course also to be seen for yourself…… We had a lot of good conversations with people also having dinner.

Cees at Rosis Sonnbergstube
Thomas with Champagne at Rosis
The terrace as the twilight enters.
Rosi in front of her restaurant.