The Italian restaurant Mono is located in the four-star art boutique hotel Monopol. The restaurant is located in the basement of the hotel, the eye-catcher of the hotel is one of the hot spots of St. Moritz the Sky bar.

Mono St. Moritz

If you are going to eat at Mono, we advise you to have a drink in the Sky bar first. The view over Lake Sankt Moritz and Badrutt Palace is very beautiful. Even though we were in St. Moritz at the end of summer it was very busy in the bar. The sunset that colors the mountains creates a romantic atmosphere.

Alps at St. Moritz


On the 6th floor of the Monopol hotel you will find the Sky bar of St. Moritz. There is wonderfully trendy music playing, the service is superb and the drinks are even better.


The view to the lake is very nice on nice sunny days, if it is cloudy you can still see the lake well. Because the bar is located high, you can look at a number of roofs, this should not spoil the fun. The Badrutt’s Palace (5*) is a sight to behold and is one of the best hotels in St. Moritz (nr. 5 of the world according to The Best Hotels in the World 2021 van Condé Naste Traveler)

view from Skybar

As mentioned, the drinks are very tasty in the Sky bar. We took an Espresso Martini, which was not on the menu and a Mojito.

View from Skybar

There is also an outside terrace, it was too cold to sit outside during our visit so we stayed inside. Went outside to take pictures.

Rooftop terrace


After the aperitif we went to the cellar where the restaurant is located. On arrival it turned out that there were only 4 tables occupied, it was pretty quiet. We did not expect, especially since this kitchen is well regarded.

As amuse-bouche we receive a bean soup with bruschetta. The soup is quite firm, it is not so much a soup it’s more a kind of liquid mousse. Tasty, not very special. The bruschetta is sliced wafer thin, crispy and very tasty.


The homemade bread that came to the table is served with garlic butter. The garlic was put in the butter for 2 weeks and then thin slices of butter were cut from it. On top are lemon drops. The butter is good garlic-like, although the garlic wasn’t overpowering.


Cees has beef tartare as a starter. The tartare is hand cut and prepared in the traditional way. some capers, pickle and egg yolk are added. Nice and creamy. On the plate is a dressing of mayonnaise and mustard. The presentation is very nice. As if the mountain landscape has been recreated on the plate. Very good dish.


Thomas has a vegan salad. The salad consists of various types of lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, sunflower seeds, radish and very thinly sliced granny. smith apple. The dressing is classic olive oil with balsamic vinegar. This is served over the salad at the table.

Vegan salad at Mono

We both take beef with mushrooms and hazelnut. The beef is cooked medium rare. The meat is not heavily seasoned with salt and pepper, the pepper mill is on the table, so we sprinkle some fresh pepper over the meat ourselves. The meat is quite tender. It tastes more like venison than beef. According to the menu, the beef comes from Switzerland, the Swiss cows may taste slightly different than the Dutch ones. The mushrooms were fried briefly. The hazelnut is briefly roasted and spread over the plate.

As wine we take a Swiss pinot noir 2017 from Maienfeld. Very tasty with the dishes.

Pinot Noir at Mono in St. Moritz

We don’t want dessert, we are more than full.


The restaurant is located in Switzerland and also looks like a gemütliche stube (cozy pub). Lots of wood, both on the ceiling and on the floor, partly on the wall as a partition.

Mono St. Moritz

The chairs next to the linen-covered tables are very comfortable. Leather bucket seats.

Restaurant Mono in St. Moritz


The service is good, a bit stiff. The service takes good care of the guests, also notice that they do things as they have been taught. For example, they come with a silver tray for every dish, this is placed on a small side table and then the food is served. No one comes with the plates in hand. This tray is also used when clearing. Fortunately, there is no stacking, that is not normal in these kinds of restaurants, but the tray is filled.

Restaurant Mono in St. Moritz


Good food, right in the city centre. Be sure to have a drink in the Sky bar beforehand. The food is for St. Moritz concepts not expensive. Keep in mind that everything in St. Moritz is more expensive because all the ingredients have to travel a long way before they arrive in the village and because St. Moritz is a chic village. We recommend the restaurant. Good food for a reasonable price.