Hess Asia has been awarded 13 Gaultmillau points in the Michelin Guide. The restaurant is an Asian restaurant, the menu is mainly Thai. Stars indicate how spicy a dish is.

The reservation was made by Kempinski Palace Engelberg. We indicated that we wanted to bring a dog to this restaurant. This is not a problem if reported early.

Menu card

The dishes are mentioned on the iPad. We decided to have a shared dining evening. We took dim sum, gyoza and papaya salad as a starter.

The dim sum is served with soy sauce and sesame. They are 4 different dim sums. Pork with shrimp; beef szechuan, chicken with lemongrass and edamame with miso. All very tasty dim sums.

4 types of dim sum.

4 gyozas with 2 different flavours: chicken with shiitake and edamame with miso and carrot. A sesame peanut sauce is served with the gyoza.

Gyoza at Hess Asia

The papaya salad (Som Tam) was extremely spicy. Lots of chilly, lots of lime and lots of papaya with cashew nuts. The cherry tomatoes provided delicious refreshment. If you like spicy food, this is a must.

Papaya salad in Engelberg

The two main courses were: Phad Nam Prik Prow (salmon from the wok with various vegetables, mushrooms and onion). The other was: Phad Bai Krapao (chicken with stir-fried mushrooms, bamboo, Thai basil and chili). Served with fried rice.

What a great dishes. The chicken with Thai basil is rated 3 stars (very spicy). This dish seems less spicy than the papaya salad that has two stars, but looks can be deceiving.

Chicken with Thai basil

The salmon has a milder / sweeter taste. Good for people who don’t like spicy food.

Salmon at Hess Asia

We wanted a Riesling, but it was out of stock. Then we opted for a pinot gris from Italy. Pinot gris and Riesling are wines that go well with spicy food.


Sylvia gave us one of the better tables, also because we were here with our dog Tobias (Labradoodle). We wanted to sit a little quieter and because of this we were offered a table at the end of the restaurant. Tobias was able to sleep well. We received compliments when we left, the dog had not been noticed at all. The iPad is explained in detail, the wine is continuously poured and sufficient attention is paid to the guests

Interior of Hess Asia


It is not an Asian restaurant to look at it is rather a European looking restaurant. For example, in the hall on arrival you will see deer antlers.

Gray brown jute-like wallpaper, paintings with light oak frames contrast nicely with the wall. Large mirrors in the dining room and views of Titlis mountain and the railways.

Interior Hess Asia


Very good Thai food for a reasonable price. Good service and a nice wine list. If you like Asian / Thai food then this is definitely a must in Engelberg.

Restaurant Hess