This pop-up restaurant is located in the Relais&Chateaux hotel Londra Palace. We wanted to eat at Do Leoni, but this restaurant is closed to the public due to Covid-19, except for private parties. As a result, the management of the hotel has decided to change the restaurant concept. Do Leoni became Bistrot by Do Leoni. Guests can choose from a menu of 2 dishes ad. €35 for 3 dishes or €45. We chose 3 dishes.

Terrace of Bistrot by Do Leoni
Bread basket

Do Leoni is listed as a Michelin plate in the Michelin guide. I assume that Bistrot by Do Leoni will take over this position. The same chef (Loris Indri), but a more accessible concept. This works well in my opinion.

Terrace of Do Leoni

Interior and Service

We ate on the terrace. The terrace at Riva degli Schiavoni is very spacious. There are plenty of tables and yet there is an intimate atmosphere. Inside it’s classic chic, we love this style. Chandeliers, tables with starched linen. Lovely to sit here. Large round tables with attractive chairs.

Hall Londra Palace hotel
Interior Do Leoni

The service is very good. Service is attentive, takes good care of the guests. I took a glass of Ferrari Prosecco, what a delicious Prosecco this is. Thomas took a Mojito, this is one of the best Mojitos we had tasted in a long time.

Aperitif at Do Leoni


The beef carpaccio was as you would expect carpaccio in Italy. Tender meat, some dressing over the meat and some lettuce leaves. There’s nothing wrong with this.


The scampi with avocado is also delicious. The avocado is slightly sour because of the lemon dressing, well done especially in combination with the fatter avocado taste.

Avocado with scampi

The vegetable tempura with mango dipping sauce is magnificent. Tempura of spring onion, potato, radish and aubergine. A great mango dipping sauce with this. I took this on the advice of one of the waiters.

Tempura with mango

On my recommendation I took a vermentino with the tempura. This one has a very good taste and was a fresh Vermentino.


The spaghetti with tomatoes and scampi is very richly filled, lots of scampi in the slightly spicy tomato sauce.

Pasta at Do Leoni

Then a medium rare fried tournedos. Slightly little sauce with the meat, the meat perfectly cooked. Delicious.

Steak at Do Leoni

Accompanied a glass of Amarone. What a great combination this was.

Amarone wine
Amarone wine


As mentioned, the service is top notch. This is a wonderful location to eat in the city when the weather is nice, near San Marco Square. Delicious dining, good food, good drink and good company. The latter cannot be arranged by Bistrot by Do Leoni, but I assume this is fine if you eat here.

Interior at Do Leoni
Hall of Do Leoni
Thomas at Do Leoni
Cees with a glass Amarone
Interior Do Leoni in Venice