The Belmond Hotel Ciprianiis home to several restaurants. When we visited Venice, Oro, the Michelin star restaurant of Belmond Cipriani, had changed its policy. Only 2 tables are still being sold each evening. As a result, the restaurant probably wants to provide a more exclusive experience. We decided to have dinner at Cip’s club. This restaurant is known for its views, including on San Marco Square but also on Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute.

View from Cip's Club

We took the boat from Kempinski San Clemente to San Marco Square and there we called the Belmond boat.

Waiting for the boat

This one came to pick us up to take us to the location. Already a unique experience to go to a restaurant on two boats. Belmond’s boat has an open aft deck. Arriving at the hotel, we walked straight to the restaurant. Small walk through the wonderfully landscaped garden. The scent of roses and other flowers immediately comes to mind.

Arrival at Belmond Cipriani in Venice
Garden Belmond

To get to the restaurant you have to go through the hotel gate and up the street. It was a very beautiful summer evening; we could eat outside, on the water. I think there is no better place in Venice to spend the evening than on the terrace of Cip’s Club. From the table you look out over the old town and have a view of the sunset behind one of the many churches.

Restaurant Cip's Club


We did not see a menu on the menu. There are quite a few a-la-card dishes to order.

We started the evening with a glass of delicious prosecco.

Lovely glasses at Cip's Club

As starter I took spider crab with artichoke and olive oil and lime. The spider crab was sliced small, and mixed with small sliced artichoke. This one was slightly seasoned with lime. It was served with a sauce of artichoke. The presentation was very nice and the dish was delicious in taste. Good balance between the artichoke, olive oil and crab.

Crab at Belmond

Thomas had fresh raw tuna with basil, mint and capers. The tuna was very pink in color. On top of the tuna was the basil and mint. A very good dish.

For the main course, I had fried scampi with octopus and zucchini topped with a horseradish dressing. The scampi, octopus and zucchini were very briefly dipped in a tempura batter and then briefly deep fried. The taste was good, but because it was a fair amount it became a bit much of the same. The sauce was very good, not too spicy, The horseradish was well present.

Scampi in tempura

Thomas had tournedos with cherries from Marostica (village in the province of Vicenza) accompanied by a sauce of Amarone wine. The combination was superb. This was accompanied by some roasted potatoes and spinach. The meat was, upon request, cooked medium. The flavor balance was very good. The cherries with the red wine sauce and the meat. Magnificent.

Meat with cherries and Amarone sauce

For dessert we took a tiramisu that was presented in a round shape. I missed the cookies. It was more like a mousse of tiramisu. Was very tasty, but missed the crunch



The wine list is quite extensive We liked that the wines are sorted by fruitiness. We like a firmer white wine. Because of this, we chose a Chardonnay Contea Di Sclafani from Sicily. The wine was from 2017 and was very complex.

Wine at Belmond Cipriani


The service in this restaurant is very good. We notice that we are in a Belmond hotel. Staff runs like a well-oiled machine. They respond alertly and chat with all guests. Very good how this team works.

view on San Marco


Because you sit outside there is a different atmosphere than inside. The openness makes for beautiful vistas. The view of the sunset is tremendously cool. The boats pass in front of your table. Both beautiful rivas and ships used to transport goods. This is such a lovely sight. Inside, it looks classy. Think it’s also very good to sit inside. We love this kind of restaurant.

Panoramic photo Venice
Cip's club in the evening
Drinks at Cip's Club
interior Cip's Club


This restaurant is not in Michelin’s recommended restaurants and does not have a Michelin star. They’ve got a Michelin Plate. The plate stands for good food.

You go here for the view combined with food. Note that it is not cheap. The view couldn’t be better than here. View of the old town of Venice, view of San Marco Square, and Dorsoduro with the Santa Maria della Salute on top. You could hardly wish for a more beautiful sunset.

view from Belmond Venice
Views from the restaurant.
Cees at Belmond Cipriani
Belmond in the evening