World’s longest urban zipline is located in Dubai (of course). The zipline is 1 kilometer long and when gliding down a speed of 90 kilometers per hour can be reached. This zipline is for the adventure seeker. We wanted to do this, so we booked our tickets and went for the experience.

View from Amwaj Tower


Tickets need to be bought in advance and can be bought via Internet

Tickets are not cheap. When going solo you pay UAE 650 (EUR 165) and when doing the double trouble (two persons next to each other) you pay UAE 1,200 (EUR 295), but in my opinion it’s worth the price.

We were very lucky. We are Black Members of Global Hotel Alliance ( this means that we receive every year a Black member award, if we continue our Black status. All participating hotels have different experiences for Platinum and Black awards and Kempinski Emerald Palace ( offers this zip-line ride to the Black members. We wanted to do this ride so we decided to make advantage of the reward and booked a second ticket via the concierge of the hotel, so we could go together and make a duo jump. The jump for one person was free and the charges were paid by Kempinski. Thanks Kempinski for this award!

Going there and arriving

We took a taxi from the hotel to the Dubai Marina Mall. The counter of the Zipline is located in the basement and there we checked in at our scheduled time. 3 other guests were also in this time slot so the five of us got a short explanation about the jump. We had to leave all our belongings at the mall in a personalized safe and then we went to the van to go to Amwaj Tower.

In the car a short video is showed about what to expect, what to do and what not to do. We noticed that this attraction is very popular, about 60 persons go each day for the experience.

Arriving at the tower we took the elevator to the 42nd floor and from there we walked 3 floors up so we finally reached the 45th floor. We were 170 meter above sea level!

Video: arriving at the top.

Experience itself

When you have arrived at the platform you get a lot of instructions and of course safety procedures. At the first part you can walk freely, but when you reach the zipline area you need to hold on to ropes and staff does not leave you unattended.

First it’s picture time……

Then you get a helmet, and you have to store your phone in a belly wallet. Followed by putting on a suit and then it starts……..

Laying down on your belly on the platform. Hooked up to the line. The platform where you are laying on moves down and you are hanging……

Counting down, three, two, one, go…….. and off you go. What a view, what an experience.

Flying over the harbor, between the skyscrapers, passing a bridge, flying over boats and after a minute landing at the Dubai Marina mall where you can collect your belongings again.

A day after the jump you get your pictures and a cool movie.

We combined our pictures, the two go-pro movies the company made and the pictures we received to create our own short video.


The zip line is a great experience. I do not have fear of heights so I was not afraid at all. The views over Dubai are stunning, the experience is a kick. It’s worth it. A must do when visiting Dubai!