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L’Amaryllis (*)

This is my second visit to the one Michelin star restaurant which is located in a former water mill. The water wheel in the old part of the restaurant shows the original function of this location. The day after our…

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Restaurants World, Switzerland

Ecco (**)

Rolf Fliegauf’s two-star restaurant is located in the Giardino hotelin Champfèr, near Sankt Moritz. The Giardino hotel is part of Design hotels and therefore part of Marriott. The hotel has a very trendy interior. Ecco has been awarded 2 stars…

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Austria, Restaurants World

Edvard (*)

Edvard has 1 Michelin star since 2014. The restaurant is located in Kempinski Palais Hansen. Thomas Pedevilla is the chef of this star restaurant. On the night of my visit it was not busy 2 tables were occupied. This is…

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Restaurants Netherlands

De Leuf (*)

Restaurant De Leuf located in Ubachsberg (South Limburg) has one Michelin star. The restaurant is run by the Van de Bunt family. In the past when Paul van de Bunt was the chef, the restaurant had two Michelin stars, Paul…

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