When we are in Austria or Germany I have to eat a Wiener Schnitzel at least once. Both Austria and Germany are known for their large veal schnitzels. Wiener schnitzel is flattened veal in a bread crust. The bread crust makes the meat extra crispy.

A cucumber salad and cranberry sauce / compote are often served with a Wiener Schnitzel. Also often a lukewarm potato salad or fries are served with it. Wiener schnitzel is made from veal. A Wiener art schnitzel is made from pork. In Austria and Germany it is required by law to declare this if it is not veal. This is why the name Wiener art schnitzel was coined. So if you fancy a real veal schnitzel, order a Wiener schnitzel.

Ingredients (2 persons)

Ingredients for the Wiener Schnitzel
  • 2 veal cutlets / schnitzels of 125-150 gr.
  • Cold water
  • 2 eggs
  • 200 gr. flour
  • 200 gr. breadcrumbs (preferably homemade)
  • pepper and salt
  • Lemon
  • Frying fat, oil or butter


Place a veal schnitzel in cold water for about 2 minutes. Remove the meat from the water and pat it dry with kitchen roll.

Veal in cold water

Place plastic foil (butcher foil) on the work surface and place the meat on it. Then put a second piece of butcher foil on top of the meat. Beat the meat wafer-thin with a rolling pin or knife.

Veal flattened

Remove the foil and sprinkle the meat with salt and pepper. Repeat this for the second piece of meat.

Beat the eggs, add a splash of milk if necessary, this is not necessary. Place the flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs on 3 separate plates.

Pass the meat through the flour, do this on both sides. Shake off the excess flour from the meat.

Then pass the meat through the eggs and then through the breadcrumbs. Make sure the whole piece of meat is covered with breadcrumbs. The order is important, don’t deviate from it.

Place a deep frying pan on the fire, pour in the frying fat or oil, about 3-4 cm. Heat the oil to 170 ℃. Cook the cutlets one at a time for 2-3 minutes. I turn them over halfway, so that both sides are equally brown. If you want to bake in butter, fry the cutlets in plenty of butter for about 2-3 minutes per side.

If all goes well, the crust of dough should separate from the meat. So this bulges slightly.

Schnitzel just out of the fryer


Place the cutlets on a paper towel to drain and then place on a preheated plate. Place a slice of lemon on top of the meat. Serve with lukewarm potato salad or fries and a salad / cranberries.

Wiener Schnitzel with fries

Drink a grüner veltliner with this.