This dish is versatile and can be served with both meat and a vegan meal. We eat this chutney with a T-bone steak, spicy steak or another piece of meat, but if we eat vegetarian it also comes on the table. The chutney can be stored very well in a canning jar in the fridge.

This chutney is also delicious as a salad or at a barbecue.


Ingredients for the tomato chutney

  • 500 gr. tomatoes
  • 1 onion
  • 1 tablespoon mustard seeds
  • Thyme
  • 120 ml. chardonnay vinegar
  • 75 g. granulated sugar
  • Salt and pepper


Peel the tomatoes by carving them and briefly immerse them in boiling water, then rinse them with cold water and remove the skin.

Cut the tomatoes into small cubes and finely chop the onion.

Heat the tomatoes, thyme, onion, mustard seeds together with the vinegar and sugar in a wide (frying) pan.

tomatoes, onion, vinegar, thyme and mustard seeds in a wide pan

The vinegar will dissolve the sugar, keep stirring regularly. Reduce the gas when the sugar has dissolved. Make sure everything stays on the boil.

Moisture has come loose from the tomatoes

Cook the tomatoes for 30-45 minutes until the moisture of the tomatoes has evaporated as much as possible and then turn off the gas.

Moisture is considerably reduced.

Once everything has cooled down, the tomato chutney can be transferred into a canning jar. Serve the chutney with a piece of meat or as sauce with another dish. Because the ingredients are natural products, it is a good vegan side dish.