This Mediterranean restaurant is located opposite Four Seasons Chiang Mai. I hear everyone asking: Mediterranean food in Thailand…. but this is a very good find from the owner of Terra.

Four Seasons serves Thai food and has a grill restaurant, but no Italian restaurant. Many guests staying at the Four Seasons go here for dinner or lunch. We also see many other tourists and many locals eating here. It is a restaurant in the suburbs of Chiang Mai/ Mae Rim where you do not sit on plastic chairs.

Terra Chiang Mai
Terra in Chiang Mai

It’s a very nice restaurant with a large garden. It is very nicely decorated inside. Nice to eat in this restaurant.

Menu/ food

The menu is extensive. Here you will find tuna tartare, carpaccio, lasagna and other Italian dishes.

I’ll have tuna tartare with avocado. The tartare is very fresh and very tasty. Well made. The guacamole is a thin layer on top of the tuna and is very creamy. Delicious! A nice amount of lime through the guacamole. The radishes briefly soaked in acid.

Tuna at Terra in Chiang Mai

Thomas has a fig salad with goat cheese and walnuts. A very large salad full of fresh figs and chunks of goat cheese is served. Finger licking good.

Fig salad

As a main course we take pepper tenderloin. Perfectly cooked. The meat is very tender and sprinkled with lots of fresh pepper. The bourbon butter is served on the side. You can taste the bourbon very well in the butter. Deliciously whiskey-like!

Steak at Terra

The wine list is special. The grape varieties for wine by the glass are listed on the wine list. Above it is stated that every month different winemakers are selected and that is why they do not name winemakers. The waiters are happy to explain which winemakers are in the spotlight this month.

If you want a bottle of wine, you can walk to the ‘shop’ where all the wines that are served at that time are available. You choose a wine and this bottle is opened for you at the table. We take a Merlot Moulin de Gassac.

Wine room
Merlot wine Moulin de Gassac

Interior/ Service

The staff speak good English. They have a chat regularly and explain the dishes well. Inside it is nicely decorated.

Eating at Terra in Chiang Mai

Most people eat outside because of the nice weather, the temperature is very pleasant in the evening.

Terra Chiang Mai

The wine room is a must-visit. This one is grandiose, like shopping in a wine store before drinking the wine.

Terra wine cellar

Besides Four Seasons guests, many locals come to Terra to celebrate something. Groups of friends were enjoying a delicious meal/drink. We also see that tourists know how to find this place. Make sure you have transportation back or arrange a taxi back to the hotel through the restaurant if you’re not staying at the Four Seasons.

Terra Mae Rim Chiang Mai Thailand

If you are staying at the Four Seasons, you only have to walk through the barriers. I say a must visit if you are staying in the outskirts of Chiang Mai.

The restaurant is undergoing renovations, although we didn’t notice it. There will be a wine and cheese cellar. We are very curious. We’ll be happy to come back. If anyone has been and seen the wine and cheese cellar, please let us know.

Terra Chiang Mai
Terra in Chiang Mai


Terra Mae Rim Chiang Mai Thailand
View from the garden
Together at Terra
Terra Chiang Mai
Entrance to restaurant
Table on terrace