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The Service 1921

This Western oriented grill restaurant is located in the Anantara hotel Chiang Mai. The restaurant is housed in the former British Consulate. We see plenty of remains from this period. There is a display case with handcuffs, clothes and pens….

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Wasserweg Furtschellas

From Kempinski Grand des Bainswe went for a walk on the waterway. This hike is known for the 6 lakes you pass, each lake has its own charms. This hike is also popularly called the 6 lakes hike. From St….

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Restaurants Netherlands

Parkheuvel (**)

Parkheuvel is the two Michelin star restaurant of chef Erik van Loo. The restaurant is located in a park in Rotterdam. From the restaurant there is a great view to the Maas. There is also a terrace, unfortunately it was…

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