When we ate at Bougainville https://explorer4experience.com/bougainville/ in Amsterdam at Christmas 2019, we had a trio of langoustines as a starter. One of the three dishes was a langoustine fried in shrimp crackers. We found this combination so delicious and funny that we started making the dish ourselves.

Ingredients (for 2 persons)

  • 4-8 langoustines (preferably fresh)
  • 1 egg, only egg white is used.
  • Prawn cracker to bake
  • Oil to deep fry


I was looking for fresh langoustines, but because of the Corona virus restaurants are closed and therefor the market for fresh langoustines has ceased to exist. As a result, I chose frozen langoustines.

In the picture you see 4 langoustines. The langoustines were served as a starter and I opted for 8 langoustines (4 per person), but if you want to make it as an amuse I recommend that you use 2 langoustines per person.

Peel the langoustines, make sure you also have the intestinal tract removed. If you remove the tail from the body in a good way, the intestinal tract will easily get out of the body, otherwise you have to use a paring knife.

Peeled/ cleaned langoustines

I bought unbaked prawn crackers, you could also make the prawn cracker from scratch I’ve never done this myself. Chose convenience. Grind the unbaked prawn cracker in the food processor into pieces of approx. 3 mm. Or make a mix between slightly larger pieces of ground prawn cracker and small ground prawn cracker.

slightly coarse and small ground unbaked prawn crackers.

Split an egg, put the egg white in a bowl and beat it slightly with a fork.

Heat the oil in a frying pan to 175 degrees Celsius.

Prick the langoustine to a sate sticker and stir the langoustine through the protein until the whole langoustine is covered in the protein.

Langoustine immersed in egg white.

Then roll the langoustine through the crumbled unbaked prawn crackers, until the entire langoustine is covered with prawn cracker.

Langoustine in egg white, ready to be rolled through the unbaked prawn cracker.

Gently put the langoustine in the (frying) pan, without the sate prick. Bake the langoustine for about 45 seconds. The prawn cracker expands. Make sure the oil doesn’t cool down too much, so don’t fry too much at once.

Ready to be fried.

When the langoustines are fried, let them cool down until the langoustines are lukewarm. The prawn cracker is now good crunchy.

3 langoustines ready to be eaten.

You can serve various dishes, such as a coriander sauce, a salad or you can prick the langoustines again on a skewer and serve them as a bite or appetizer.