Restaurant Kö59 masterminded by Björn Freitag is located in the Intercontinental hotel Düsseldorf.

Björn Freitag is a TV chef and has a one-Michelinstar restaurant in Dorsten (Goldener Anker). We expect a lot from this evening.

Logo Kö59

The welcome is warm. Because we indicated when making the reservation that we would bring our dog, we get a niche where the dog can lie undisturbed. The restaurant looks trendy. A large bar in the middle as a service station, niches, tables with chairs and also high tables. Beautiful vases in the wall cabinets and a large wall full of wine bottles.

wine cabinet

When we sit down we get a book as a menu, a nice idea. The cover is the menu and the book is for sale, it is a cookbook by the Chef. The dishes on the menu are not innovative, they are more classic. Side dishes can be ordered with the main courses. This surprises us somewhat, especially when a Michelin star chef also holds sway here.

Restaurant Kö59

I myself take veal tartar with mushroom espuma and peach. The tartare is hand cut and slightly tempered. A large amount of mushroom foam lies over the tartare. A little too much to make the dish look perfect. Next to the tartare are peach slices, yoghurt balls and lettuce. The dish is good, I expected more, after all, a star chef is involved in devising the dishes.

Veal tartare with mushroom foam

Thomas takes char with rettich and lettuce. The char is warm, it is cooked in a broth. It’s a refreshing dish. The dish has a surprising taste, the layout is very nice.


Then we take both tenderloin with onion and carrot. It is expected to order side dishes. I’ll have a green salad and Thomas red cabbage. The tenderloin is perfectly cooked. One medium rare and one medium prepared. The difference is very visible. On the meat are fried onions. In addition, various preparations of carrot and a red wine sauce. The carrot consists of puree and pieces of cooked carrot. Carrots provide the sweet taste and onions provide the spicier taste. All in all a nice dish. Certainly not Michelin quality, but just a good tasty dish. We do not see the added value of Björn Freitag in this restaurant.

The red cabbage is delicious. This one has been cooked for a long time and contains a lot of cinnamon.


We drink here a Spatburgunder (pinot noir) from Friedrich Becker.


No dessert for us, we are full.

The staff are nice and helpful. You notice that you are not in a star restaurant. Sometimes the service is a little too amicable and when the wine and water are poured, there are regular spills. All in all we have a nice evening.

Bread assortment
Delicious baked bread
Interior Kö59
Thomas at Kö59