One of our most favorite walks in Kitzbühel and its surroundings is the Kitzbühler Horn. Tobias also loves this walking tour as he can swim in a mountain lake. To get up there, you have to take two gondolas. The first gondola goes from Kitzbühel and is the Hornbahn I. Then you take the Horn-Gipfelbahn, this is a larger gondola. On arrival of the second gondola you arrived at 1,996 meters and here is the starting point for the department.

Tobias on his way to Kitzbüheler horn

A nice restaurant for a drink before the descent starts is Gipfelhaus When the sun is shining you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the view over the mountains. Because the restaurant is located at 2,000 meters, it can be colder than the valley.

We started the drop and after about 500 meters the exit to Hornköpflsee, this is a very nice mountain lake at 1,711 meters. You have to climb a bit to get there, then you make the descent to the lake.

A mountain lake in Austria

The day we walked here it was lovely weather. Next to the lake is a smaller lake. Here children /adults play in the water. The water is more pleasant in temperature than the water of the large lake.

Hornköpfl see

Our dog loved swimming, he had the time of his life. After the Hornköpfl we continued the path (through the meadows) and walked towards Alpenhaus restaurant, we did not stop there, but continued the path down. The path goes partly along the road and partly through the woods. The route is self-explanatory.

Once you arrive at the intermediate station there is a lunch option at Adlerhütte. We enjoyed sitting here in the sun and had some lunch. Keep in mind that you can’t pay with pin, you can’t do that in many mountain huts!

From the Adlerhütte / intermediate station (Horn-Gipfelbahn) the road continues down to the valley. This one is easy to walk and runs through the woods and ends in Kitzbühel, not quite at the start, but close by. Takes into account that there is barbed wire in certain places, which makes it sometimes a bit more difficult to walk the dog here. We were fine.

You can also buy a ticket for the gondola (up and back from the middle station for example).

A nice walk. The most beautiful is the Hornköpflsee. There are certain sections of cows, so the dog keeps a large part on a leash.

Of course the mountain can also be climbed, this is our next goal. Descending is easier.

Of course the mountain can also be climbed, this is our next goal. Descending is easier.

With the dog in Jochberg