There are two Hato restaurants in Switzerland: Zurich and Sankt Moritz. We have been to the latter. Hato serves high level Asian food. Here many kinds of sushi, but also dim sum, meat dishes, etc.


Hato Sankt Moritz is located in the former post office. Nothing can be seen of this anymore, except for the name above the door. A small staircase leads us to the entrance of the restaurant.

Hato Sankt Moritz

We start with edamame, which is served in the traditional way with salt, but can also be served with a chili sauce on request. We choose both. The chili sauce is quite spicy. Very tasty with beans with salt.



Then we take tempura of king prawns with a wasabi-yoghurt sauce. The shrimp are cooked perfectly. The sauce is less spicy than expected, but very tasty with the tempura.

Tempura with mango

The chef’s special dim sum of shrimp and vegetarian dim sum is served with 3 sauces: ponzu, slightly spicy soy sauce and spicy sauce. The dim sum has a good taste and a nice shape. A real chef is in the kitchen here, very tasty food.

Dim sum
Shrimp dim sum
Dim Sum
Vegetarian dim sum

Then we take 2 kinds of sashimi: blue fin tuna and salmon. These are served on shaved ice with wasabi and ginger. The fish is buttery tender.


Then we take sushi from yellow tail and shrimp. The shrimps are lightly roasted with a gas burner. This gives an extra taste. The yellow tail is again very tender and a joy to eat. We are in culinary Japanese heaven.


Then we take different types of makis (rolls of sushi):

Rainbow: Crab with yuzu mayonnaise and tuna, whitefish and salmon on top to create the rainbow effect.

Spicy tuna: fresh tuna with avocado and spicy mayonnaise.

Softshell crab with cucumber, chives and spicy mayonnaise.

What a delicious dishes.

Softshell crab

We drink a Chablis from Eleni & Edouard Vocoret. Very nice matching.



The service is attentive and very attentive. Glass of wine almost empty: it is refilled, food is ready: plate is removed and a new dish is placed. The employees understand their profession. At many trendy restaurants you expect that the staff can be arrogant, that is not the case here at all. Staff stays at the table to chat or give tips.

Cees at Hato


The interior is chic. Much dark brown with red accents. It looks warm, it looks Asian at its best. Large windows on both sides overlooking the village.

The glasses on the table are very nice and high.

Interior Hato Sankt Moritz


A very good Asian/Japanese restaurant. We enjoyed. If we are in Sankt Moritz again we will come back. We know that this restaurant is also open in summer.

Good recommendation from Kempinski Grand des Bainsconcierge.

Thomas at Hato
Interior Hato