The Doge’s Palace or Palazzo Ducale is one of the most visited sites in Venice on St. Mark’s Square.

It is that the route is indicated, otherwise you can easily get lost in the maze of corridors and rooms. It is a very large palace.

The castle has been destroyed by fire several times. The current version dates from the 14th – 15th centuries.

The Doge of Venice lived here with his family and the palace served as the government and judiciary. This can also be seen. You see how the Doge lived in wealth, although the castle has been looted and you see how the government and judiciary functioned here.

Judges in Doge's Palace
View of the lagoon Venice

In the different rooms hang the most amazing historical paintings, including art of Tintoretto and statues of Adam and Eve and Marco Polo.

Art in Doge's Palace
Marco Polo

The first stairs are called the golden staircase. When you look at the ceiling you understand why and to think that the castle was once looted.

Golden stairs

After visiting the palace you enter the cell complex. This is quite impressive. This is a very exciting experience for children. I myself am very curious how it used to be here when the prisoners were here.

Cell complex
Beds in cell complex

We bought tickets via the Internet to avoid the queue at the checkout. This ensured that we could go in immediately. It wasn’t crowded inside. The atmosphere is good and the artwork is breathtakingly beautiful.

Art in Doge's Palace
Angel in Doge's Palace
Art in the Doge's palace