Cattani is the restaurant of Kempinski Palace Engelberg. It owes its name to Eduard Cattani, the mayor of Engelberg who put Engelberg, Hotel Titlis and Grand hotel Winterhaus on the map, turning Engelberg into a tourist location. The restaurant uses a so-called farm-to-table concept.

Terrace in Engelberg

The interior, like the rest of the hotel, is very chic. Outside is lovely garden/patio furniture which is very comfortable.

Terrace Kempinski Palace Engelberg

We sat outside so we could bring our dog. Dogs are allowed on the terrace, but not in the restaurant.

Cees with wine menu

The bread comes from Titlis flour. Flour nearby. The butter is whipped, very tasty and fluffy.

Bread at Cattani


Beef tartare with egg yolk as starter. The egg yolk is dried and seasoned with herbs. I was asked several times beforehand if I really like spicy food, they wanted to make sure the food wouldn’t get too spicy. I like spicy food and really liked the hotness. The raw meat was prepared with a light dressing.

Steak tartare

Thomas has salmon with mustard seed and spaghetti of cucumber. The salmon is very fresh, the mustard seeds had been in acid.

Salmon as starter

As a main course I have beef tenderloin from the grill. Nicely baked, exactly medium-rare as I requested. The pepper sauce with cognac is creamy. Wild broccoli with almond granola as a side dish. The broccoli is grilled. Very nice to serve these in Le Cruiset pans.


Thomas has veal with rosti, also very tasty and also grilled. This one is medium fried.

As wine we take a red Bordeaux from Chateau Haut-Beausejour. Very tasty with the meat.



As you would expect from Kempinski, the service is very good. The restaurant hadn’t been open for 8 weeks when we visited, there are pros on duty here. Guests and tables are watched very closely.

Terrace Kempinski Palace Engelberg

Expect a high bill, after all you are here in a 5 star hotel and in Switzerland, but the food is worth it and the location is special.

Terrace Cattani